Enough Clowning around for this Circus Clown

Chicago resident was the winner of 177.6 million dollar Big Pay Day jackpot from the Saturday, March 15th drawing! The ticket was purchased at a local Thornton’s Gas station. Coincidence? I THINK NOT, considering he’s been playing the lottery for years. Some people may say it’s a waste of time and money. Not for Mr. John Thomas who never spends more than 1$ on a lottery ticket. Mr. Thomas is a former magician, and current traveling circus clown. He plans to continue working and has high hopes to having 11 beautiful children and start a family circus business! On top of the family business John has plans to give back to his own community, (by opening a music foundation for kids.) John stated earlier, “it only takes 1.” This is very true for Mr. Thomas it only takes one time and APPARENTLY only 1 dollar!

The winning numbers have sentimental meaning for John. 8- because he met his wife on November 8th. 11- John hopes to have 11 kids. 22- Because it’s his lucky number. 23-it’s Michael Jordan’s Lucky Number. 31- Days he will never see in February. Why Powerball 10? Well it just so happens that John Thomas was on his way to Thornton’s Gas station for some milk and bread. He decided to buy his ticket. This was the 10th time he’s been to Thornton’s to play this lottery.

Quality guy.  Mr. Thomas is a former magician, and a current traveling circus clown. He plans to continue working and has high hopes to having 11 beautiful children and start a family circus business! On top of the family business John has plans to give back to his community. We all know actor Jack Black? Well He’s got nothing on this guy. John inspires to open a music foundation, and refers to it with having the same concept as the School of Rock.

While John’s waiting to hear congratulations from family members, he also plans to travel to places that he’s never seen, like Europe. During a press conference John stated, “It’s a game of luck, and it only takes 1. The Lottery is controlled chaos, but it’s the nature of the beast- and it does change how people live.”

As John would say.. “And the Rest is History.” A trip to the local gas station for bread and milk, turns into a life changing experience for tatted up Chicago resident John Thomas!

Nail Biting Atmosphere..Or was it?

1Just like the day John Thomas won the lottery, it was an 80 degree day in Chicago, and an absolute sauna in the conference room. Reporters were lined up for hours waiting to get appointed to the press conference to speak to Chicago’s new millionaire. As the reporters filed in, snatching the best spots to get as close to Mr. Thomas as humanly possible, I patiently awaited. Than I pounced my way past a pack of hungry reporters going at each other like starved hyenas. At this rate you would think President Barack Obama was coming in for an interview. After more waiting..Let me remind you this room was hotter than a red line during rush hour on a summer afternoon. 2The time had come. Making his way to the front podium was Mr. John Thomas himself. To my surprise he looked rather ordinary, and very at ease might I add. He was sporting a black and white argyle, with his tattoos peeking out from the sleeve. At this point I was very taken back. As the questions started piling in, the reporters seemed more on edge than John. I felt as if he was at a family reunion shooting the news with some old friends! He was actually quite amusing, cracking jokes here and there remaining very modest. He took the questions very well and answered them honestly. He even got a taste of the absurd interview questions. I did what I needed to do and tipped my hat off to John. Touche’ Handled it like a champ.


Won’t Stop Here


Ukraine is seeking help from the United States as well as Britain. Sticks and stones can brake your bones, but words can never hurt you..But Russia can! Ukraine is striving to form a new defense.

They’ve already built up their National Guard. Apparently in 1994, Ukraine agreed to a treaty, giving up nuclear weapons.

In return Russia had to remove troops from Crimea.
Lets just say Ukraine doesn’t have the numbers either when it comes to an army. We’re talking 100-1- in favor to Russia!

Well at least we can stop talking about it. Enough is enough.


The votes were in and a day later Crimea votes to break ties with Ukraine. President Putin made moves to get paperwork going and expected to speak to parliament today!

Out of all new changes that might occur, there’s one thing we can count on as of now..New time zones.

Once again the U.S can be royally embarrassed , simply as the fact that we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Stay Golden Pony Boy


Jim Irsay faces four felony counts after being arrested Sunday night

Colts owner Jim Irsay was released from jail after a DUI arrest. Police also say that he was in possession of a controlled substance. The owner was arrested Sunday. Authorities pulled him over for 1. driving too slow and 2. stopping with failure of a turning signal.

Carmel (Ind.) Police Dept said, “multiple prescription drugs were discovered in pill bottles.”

Jim Irsay than admitted to being highly addicted to prescription drugs, and has seeked out previous professional help.

Due to the fact this is the Colts owners first offense,one of the policies states,

“Unless the available facts clearly indicate egregious circumstances, significant bodily harm or risk to third parties, or an immediate and substantial risk to the integrity and reputation of the NFL, a first offense generally will not result in discipline until there has been a disposition of the proceeding.”

The Colts also than responded by saying “this will not affect Jim Irsay’s 100% ownership of the team”.


Irsay spent 14 hours in custody, and is scheduled for a court hearing on March 26th.


Clearly the green uniforms did not bring the luck of the Irish to our beloved Bulls.

The Chicago Bulls took on Oklahoma City Thunder Monday night at home. While others were winding down from Chicago St. Patrick day festivities, fans gathered in the United Center to catch the Bulls rocking their green sleeved uniforms!

The Bulls started the game off hot. Going back and forth with OKC. Not dominating, but keeping up. By the end of the first quarter, the Thunder were only up by a basket.

Moving into the second quarter both teams came back in full swing. They went basket for basket, and continued to keep it interesting. At the end of the second quarter the Bulls manage to keep it a close game 47-45 Thunder.

At the half Kevin Durant described the game as “scrappy”. Since when is any Bulls game not scrappy?

bulls picbulls pic 2

Chicago continued going back and forth with OKC, but at the end of the third were still unable to gain the lead leaving the score 74-67. As the end of the fourth quarter approached so did the chance of the Bulls gaining the lead. At one point in time the bulls went a little over 6 minutes without scoring, missing roughly 10 straight shots. Unfortunately Chicago continued trailing Oklahoma City. The final score Oklahoma City 97 Chicago Bulls 85.

Although the Bulls are ending their St. Patrick’s Day without the “W”, they played a great game. Chicago’s top performer was J. Noah 9 Pts, 12 Reb, 9 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk. Just missed his fourth triple-double of the season and a player who in my opinion should be defensive player of the year. And of coarse K. Durant for Oklahoma City with 35 Pts, 12 Reb, 5 Ast. Who arguably should be MVP. Russell Westbrook threw up 17 points after sitting out the previous day to rest his surgically repaired knee.

Durant was able to bring his streak of most consecutive 25-point games in a
single season to 32, following Chicago’s own Michael Jordan at 40 during the 1986-87 season!