Won’t Stop Here


Ukraine is seeking help from the United States as well as Britain. Sticks and stones can brake your bones, but words can never hurt you..But Russia can! Ukraine is striving to form a new defense.

They’ve already built up their National Guard. Apparently in 1994, Ukraine agreed to a treaty, giving up nuclear weapons.

In return Russia had to remove troops from Crimea.
Lets just say Ukraine doesn’t have the numbers either when it comes to an army. We’re talking 100-1- in favor to Russia!

Well at least we can stop talking about it. Enough is enough.


The votes were in and a day later Crimea votes to break ties with Ukraine. President Putin made moves to get paperwork going and expected to speak to parliament today!

Out of all new changes that might occur, there’s one thing we can count on as of now..New time zones.

Once again the U.S can be royally embarrassed , simply as the fact that we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


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