Rule #2. Seating arrangements. Anyone who is anyone who commutes knows that where you sit on the Metra means everything. I have LITERALLY had the worst experience in this. When it comes to picking a seat I like to stick to a couple things. The time you take the Metra is definitely a contributing factor. If you’re an early bird like me, than we’re usually dealing with business men, lawyers, accountings, computer geeks, in other words the working class. ipod

I’ve learned that in the early hours of the metra usually every car is a quiet car. BUT don’t let that fool you. The quiet car..means quiet, so put a cork in it. Out of all people I’ve broken this rule a few times. Don’t worry I’ve learned my lesson. Learn to respect the rules of the quiet car. If you’re looking to take a cat nap, or catch some Z’s than thats the way to go.

If you are one of those people who does not want to wake up next to a stranger, or worse..someone sleeping on you, than the upper level of the Metra is for you. MY ULTIMATE favorite seat. The upper left back corner seat. WHY? isn’t it obvious. It’s a double seater. But everyone knows that its a one person seat. No one would ever dare to sit with someone in the upper corner seats! Unless they’re invited. But we don’t worry about that. You get a whole window to yourself, and a whole seat. It gets better..No one right next to you, or remotely close. The upper seats are winning.GetAttachmen (1)

If you’re on a train that isn’t during rush hour than hey the bottom seats are always good too. Got to switch it up once in a while. I also tend to stay clear of the orange cars. You know the ones. Why is it that they manage to make me feel like I’ve stepped into a time machine back to the 80’s. It’s probably because the Metra cars ARE from the 80’s!


Never be afraid to get up and move. Odds are there is a better seat. Do not endure the pain of a sniffler, or the “music is so loud I can recite every lyric,” the kicking the back of your seat constantly person, someone eating strongly scented food stinking up the whole car, the person who didn’t follow my rule #1 and is now trying to read over your shoulder, or the creepy guy who has absolutely nothing better to do than to stare. We’ve all been there..Think before you sit!


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